Freeride Oklahoma

Downhilloween Set for October 27th

Posted on Sep 25, 2012

Mark your Calendar! The Downhilloween downhill mountain bike race will be October 27th at Turkey Mountain in Tulsa Oklahoma. This year will be a totally different trail that is slightly more downhill oriented than last year. More info to come in the next few weeks.

Downhilloween 2012 - Planning in progress

Posted on Jul 11, 2012

Nothing is set in stone at this moment but planning has begun for the 2nd annual Downhilloween sometime in October. Evolution Airbags will be sponsoring the event and they plan to have a new course this year that involves less pedaling. More updates to follow as time gets closer.

Fat Tire Festival This Weekend!

Posted on Jul 11, 2012

1st Annual Downhilloween - Saturday, October 22

Posted on Aug 15, 2011


What is is Super D? Well it's bike race that combines elements of Cross Country and Downhill racing. Expect short but fast techy downhill sections with bits of flat and small climbs, trails that can be rode on a hardtail XC bike or full fledged DH rig.

6 classes:
Cash Open with a 70% payout
Mens 18-39
Mens 40+
Juniors (17 and under)
Costume race (Free entry fee if racing in another class and must be in costume)

Will update with Registration cost shortly!


Helmets must be worn by riders on the race course

All proceeds will go to improving our trail system at Turkey Mountain.

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps and Pump Track

Posted on Jun 10, 2011

The FROFLO and the new Downhill trail out at Turkey Mountain are not the only things getting attention out there. The Dirt jumps are running great and the lines are getting bigger and longer every week. We also added a new pump track as the latest addition. It is ridable as is but still needs a few small tweaks and lots of water and riding to get it really burned in good. Get out and ride!

Here are some photos of dirts jumps and the last two photos are of the pump track.

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

First berm after steep roll-in.

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

small little double out of first berm

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

first real double

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

side view of first double

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

looking from lander of first double. 3 lines to choose from.

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

left line

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

looking back towards the transitions, need some round up!

Turkey Mountain Dirt Jumps

3rd set of doubles from the middle and right lines.

Turkey Mountain Pump Track

entrance of pump track, goes straight from here, then left hand berm around the tree.

Turkey Mountain Pump Track

near-full view of the pump track

Fort William World Cup is getting closer!

Posted on May 18, 2011

Check out this short vid to get you pumped up for round #2 of the World Cup. Who's it gonna be?

World Cup Round 1 Finals Action

Posted on Apr 25, 2011

American Aaron Gwin wins UCI World Cup in Pietermaritzburg

Posted on Apr 25, 2011

Ahh yeah. It is Worl Cup season again and it has been a LONG time since an american has had a WC win. Gwin pinned it over the weekend to take home the win over local hero Greg Minnar. If you have never witnessed Downhill racing I strongly suggest you head on over to to watch a replay of this weekends race.

The FroFlow - New Freeride trail at Turkey Mt, Tulsa OK

Posted on Apr 23, 2011

Thanks to cooperation with the Tulsa River Parks The FRO crew recently knocked out an enormous amount of work in two day to create on sick trail at Turkey Mt. We have named it the FroFlow. This trail is a first of it's kind at Turkey Mt. and offers something for everyone. There is a drop, jumps and berms. The trail was designed for all riders of all skill levels. All jumps can be rolled and the drop has and easy "go-around".

The success of the FroFlow as a trail and the example FRO has set as a organization willing to put in the hard work, has sparked an interest for our type of riding within the River Parks. We have already been given the green light to add more trails to the area. Within the next month we will have another large build day to add a new longer downhill trail and add additional dirt jumps for all skill levels.

Road Trip - Heading South Feb. 5th & 6th

Posted on Dec 28, 2010

Get ready to ride! We are gonna head out for two days of Dirt Jumping with a little freeride mixed in. The current plan is to head out of Tulsa Saturday morning and head down to Marietta, OK to ride at Allen's place. Allen's has all kinds of terrain to ride and they are super cool hosts. Then we plan on stopping my a super secret set of trails, so secret I am going to stop talking about them. Last stop of the trip will be meeting up with some TX boys in Dallas at The Mound. The mound has some nice dirt jumps and some really fun freeride/DH trails. Everyone is welcome and we would love to drive down with a big group. Check out details and planning here:

Tulsa Dirt Jumps - Turkey Mt.

Posted on Dec 27, 2010

Tulsa Dirt Jumps

A while back the long-lived Riverside dirt jumps were dozed to make way for a construction project along the river. While this outraged many Tulsa Dirt Jumpers and locals, at least the River Parks did not just say "too bad" to us. After taking down the jumps the Riverparks contacted a few of us to express thier willingness to give us a new spot to dig and ride on the Turkey Mountain Property. It took a while for the digging to really get going but there is finally an intrest and the area is growing quick. There are jumps for all skill levels from a table top line to Giant Doubles.

The area has a ton of potential, we just need people to come out and start digging and riding. We hope to have lines with several options, hips and transfers. We are also trying work with the Riverparks on getting us water access. We now have access to a water spigot near the jumps! Usually spots like this are strictly regulated as to what can be built. We have been giving free reign to dig as long as we don't cut down trees and we stay within the boundaries of the land provided. Just use common sense if you want to build something new, make sure it does not kill the flow for another line. The best way to see what we are currently working on, or what future plans we have is to check out the forum.

What is it?

What makes it cool?

Tulsa Dirt Jumps

Landing of first big double


Tulsa Dirt Jumps

Hip after double


Tulsa Dirt Jumps

Low speed double and berm after hip. More to come on this line.


Tulsa Dirt Jumps

Klint rocking the table top line.


Tulsa Dirt Jumps

Aaron throwing a sick table over a double on the intermediate line.

Come Ride Chandler August 8th!

Posted on Jul 26, 2010

Jared Joseph Dropping the cliff drop

Dust your huffy off and come ride with us August 8th out at the Chandler freeride trail. In addition to the regular Tulsa crowd we have a group coming up from Oklahoma City and possibly a group coming down from Arkansas to ride. If you have never rode with us before this is a good time to come out, ride the trail and meet everyone. For more info keep an eye out on this post on the forum. Hope to see you there!

Eureka Springs Fat Tire Festivle Downhill

Posted on Jul 02, 2010

Photo of Steve Mullen at Eureka Spings DH race

The Eureka Springs DH race will be held Saturday, July 17 2010. Official practice is on Friday. You can usually get a few practice runs in before the race on Saturday. This is a super fun trail with some nice fast flow. It can be ridden on a hard-tail without too much penalty. Come out and represent Oklahoma at the races!

Here is a little info about work days:

For more info check out

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